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Interested to find out more about how digital learning is transforming the way we learn? Listen to these informative podcasts to listen to leading experts in the industry.

The E-Learning Coach

This fresh and informative podcast is hosted by Connie Malamed. She talks about the latest trends in digital learning as well as how you can craft your own online learning space. The life coach interviews several experts in education, offering free tips to learners and teachers who are interested in online learning.

The E-Learning Guys

This education podcast talks about developing yourself as an online learner or teacher. The show is led by two hosts who are serious about the future of E-learning. They discuss everything from incorporating multimedia into your online course and using creative solutions to solve the common challenges of online learning.

Voices of E-Learning

Voices of E-learning is an educational podcast that talks about the latest news and developments in the education sector from a business perspective. Host JW Marshall discusses topics concerning EdTech and how policies and technology pave the way for the future of digital learning. He discusses relevant topics with industry professionals.

The Talented Learning Show

This innovative podcast talks about education in the 21st century. The show focuses on the ever-evolving business environment and the understated value of learning in the modern business environment. They discuss the impact of learning technology in the workplace and in educational institutions.

Learning While Working Podcast

The Learning While Working Podcast couldn’t be more relevant to the contemporary business climate. In the same way that many people find themselves working from home, many others also have to resort to E-learning to complete qualifications or courses.

Follow these insightful podcasts to discover how e-learning is transforming the way people learn and work in a virtual environment. Get to know us by following the latest news and any information on this site.