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7 Most Common Questions Parents Have About Online Learning

There are many elements of online learning that parents need to be aware of before enrolling their kids at an online school. The following common questions and answers will give parents a different perspective on online learning.

1. Do Children Need Advanced Computer Skills For E-Learning?

The great thing about online learning is that programs are designed for different skill levels. This means that programs can be designed for kindergarten kids with no special skills.

2. What Prevents Online Students From Falling Behind The Rest Of The Class?

Every online class can be recorded whenever students feel the need to go back to a previous lesson. Courses and activities can be uniquely designed to ensure that students don’t fall behind.

3. How Do Online Courses Allow Children To Socialize?

Online schools can give students many opportunities to form social groups. Online classes can include interactive activities that allow students to interact with their classmates.

4. Do Children Learn More In A Traditional School Than In A Virtual School?

Brick-and-mortar classrooms do not provide more learning opportunities than an online class. Kids have instant access to learning materials to complete their assignments.

5. Are Virtual School Credits Transferable To Traditional Schools And Vice Versa?

Credible online schools can evaluate a student’s experience from a traditional school to determine their relevant grade level. This will determine the courses that they need to graduate.

6. How Accessible Are Online Teachers When Students Need Help?

The best thing about online schools is that teachers are often available around the clock to resolve issues with students. Teachers can give valuable feedback with a click of a button.

7. Can An Entire School Program Be Offered Online?

It can be challenging to offer an entire school curriculum program in a virtual environment, but in some cases, parents can assist with courses that may require hands-on activities.

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